Like most American roadways, the streets of Baltimore were a veritable free-for-all in 1925, when a teenaged William “Frank” Greenwood opened an auto body shop in the heart of the city. One of five children raised on a farm in Amelia County, Virginia, he longed to escape from rural life. In the process, he uncovered a world of opportunity. Generations later, Greenwood’s Garage has given rise to Greenwood Towing, Inc. and several related businesses now operating under the Greenwood Group umbrella. Contact us today at (410) 669-1661 to learn more about our rich history and promising future.

Pulling Through the Early Years

Other companies’ tow trucks delivered early automobiles to Greenwood’s Garage for repairs, and eventually one of our “transportation engineers” equipped an old Mack truck to handle towing too. Over time — as innovations like traffic lights reduced accidents — towing became our focus.

Business grew along with the Greenwood family, and Frank put his three sons to work when they were old enough. Middle son Burt was a quick study who shared his father’s enthusiasm for the enterprise. So after he earned his degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1951 and served a two-year stint in the Army, he returned to the family business full time. He began managing operations in 1956, although Frank remained active and involved until his death in 1972.

One of Burt’s first major accomplishments was formalizing a relationship with a national finance company that needed help repossessing vehicles when debtors fell behind on payments — a deal that ultimately led to the formation of Greenwood Recovery, Inc. and other ancillary businesses. The towing company also became the Baltimore area’s exclusive Cadillac tower in the 1950s, hauling early luxury vehicles into a regional hub and training other companies on the proper way to tow each distinctive model. That relationship lasted well into the 1970s.

Greenwood Company Truck

More Than Traditional

In addition to hauling away inoperable vehicles that were involved in an accident or experienced a mechanical breakdown, we were among the first companies in Baltimore to offer towing services to private-property owners.

Now the backbone of our business, trespass towing is a common practice regulated by local government — due in large part to legislative ordinances Burt Greenwood helped draft.

Today, Greenwood Towing is licensed to handle private-property towing in the following communities:

  • City of Baltimore
  • Anne Arundel County
  • Howard County

We also provide police-initiated towing in Baltimore.

Our trained, certified tow-truck operators use state-of-the-art equipment to expertly remove unauthorized vehicles of all kinds; many end up at Greenwood Towing’s 24-hour secure storage facility. Those that remain unclaimed after legal notification and a required waiting period may be sold to licensed automotive dismantlers and recyclers. Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more.

Baltimore City Paper recognized Greenwood Towing in 2006, naming us the best place to be towed to.

Continuing the Greenwood Tradition

A leader in the towing and recovery industry, Burt Greenwood Sr. joined forces with partners Ray and Elaine Nichols in 1974 to found the Car and Truck Auction of Maryland; they added Bel Air Auto Auction in 1980. Burt sold Greenwood’s interests in the auctions, now part of BSC Auto Auction Group, in the late 1990s when he developed amytrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Burt Greenwood died of ALS in 2005, at age 75. At the time, he was serving as secretary-treasurer of the National Finance Adjusters, one of many professional organizations in which he was involved. Control of Greenwood Group had already shifted to his son, Burt “Buz” Greenwood Jr., who remains president of our parent company.

Today Greenwood Towing has outgrown Frank Greenwood’s humble aspirations to become a national player in an ever-evolving industry. We are following Burt Greenwood’s example by helping to shape its development, and we are solidly behind Buz Greenwood as he leads us through whatever the future may hold. Call our friendly staff today at (410) 669-1661 for experienced, professional towing in the Baltimore area, including Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, and beyond. And keep that number handy: Our services also include 24-hour emergency roadside assistance.